6 Degrees Networking Event: Chelsea


6 Degrees Networking Event: Chelsea

03/10/2017 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Event Pass Information

Opportunity Booth Volunteer$0.00 USD
Networking Professional Volunteer$0.00 USD

Event Details

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Students in Citizen Schools Eighth Grade Academy are learning to navigate career pathways and become masters at networking. At the 6 Degrees Networking Event, students will test their skills by conversing with professionals from leading companies and community organizations to learn about the jobs and industries of tomorrow.

How can YOU get involved? 
  • Host an Opportunity Booth: Opportunity Booths connect students to one or two careers or programs at a particular company or organization. More than just a conversation, Opportunity Booths provide hands-on activities that show students what skills they need to be a programmer, business analyst, youth worker, government employee, and more.
  • Mingle as a Networking Professional: Networking Professionals meet with students for a night of hand shaking, small talking, and business card swapping. Networking Professionals answer student questions about their own professional journeys and advise our future leaders and innovators, making connections that may last beyond the evening.

What is the commitment for hosting an Opportunity Booth?

  • gather a team of 2-5 volunteers to participate
  • have a phone call with Carolyn Navikonis, Director of Eighth Grade Academy and Alumni Services, to brainstorm and plan your Opportunity Booth's hands-on activity/demonstration
  • collect company/organization signage (posters, flyers, trifolds, banners, tablecloths) to decorate your booth
  • provide company/organization SWAG to give away to Citizen Schools students and alumni
  • bring a stack of business cards
  • respond to any thank you emails you receive after the event

What is the commitment for mingling as a Networking Professional?

  • attend an event overview webinar (dates TBD in late February)
  • bring a stack of business cards
  • engage in 1:1 or small group networking conversations
  • respond to any thank you emails you receive after the event

Where & When

Williams School Complex
180 Walnut Street
ChelseaMA 02150 

Getting There:

  • By Public Transportation: Take the 111 or 111c bus from Haymarket. Get off at Bellingham Square, cross the street, and walk down 5th Street (pass McDonald's on your left). You will see the school at the end of 5th St, but you must cross through the parking lot to the entrance on Arlington Street for security check-in.
  • By Car: There is a parking lot typically empty in the afternoon directly attached to the school; enter from Walnut Street. There is also visitor street parking on some streets around the school.  Pay close attention to the street signs.
03/10/2017 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM